Don’t allow conflict with your former spouse or partner to harm your children.

Parenting Coordination Services in Massachusetts

The Parenting Coordinator

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The goal of healthy co-parenting is for your child or children to thrive, but sometimes circumstances can make co-parenting a challenge.  Whether you are a never-married parent, separated, divorced, or getting divorced, a Parenting Coordinator helps parents minimize conflict and protect children from getting stuck in the middle.  Unfortunately, a contentious divorce process oftentimes increases the level of conflict between parents, adding additional obstacles to healthy parenting and exposing children to negative emotions and harmful conflict. Few things are more important for your children’s short and long-term emotional well-being than not placing them in the middle of adult parenting issues and conflict.

When parents divorce or separate, loss of familial security and support frequently causes deep emotional wounds.  Recent studies show children of divorce are more likely to experience:

  • Emotional Problems
  • Poorer physical health
  • Trouble with problem-solving
  • Reduced academic performance
  • Increased likelihood of dropping out of school
  • Challenges maintaining relationships and future employment
Parenting Coordination

Although studies confirm the prevalence of these serious and lasting negative consequences, parents do have the opportunity to greatly improve the outcomes for their children, but some families need help in this area.

While some parents communicate well with each other and adopt a cooperative approach to parenting; others are stuck in a cycle of conflict and stress marked by arguing, inflexibility, toxic communications, and exposing the children either directly or indirectly to these negative factors.

How you relate to your children and their other parent has a major impact on your children, and can even impact your children’s adult relationships and their own parenting.  A parent’s ability to manage emotions and stay attuned to the needs of their children is of major importance.  Of course, frequent stress and disharmony will have a negative impact on parents and extended family members as well.

If you find yourself stressed out over parenting related issues, bickering frequently with the other parent, or if a parent fails to follow the parenting plan or refuses to respond or communicate regarding parenting issues, then you and your children could likely benefit from working with a parenting coordinator. Most importantly, our goal is that children are exposed to less conflict and benefit from happier, more cooperative parents. Parents will develop improved communications and learn additional tips and tools that will benefit them during their co-parenting journey.

Our Parenting Coordination services may alleviate much of the stress and conflict surrounding your parenting, and help your children to thrive instead of worry about the next uncomfortable exchange or stressful event between his or her parents.  There is no magical solution however, and good results require a good faith effort by both parents and a dose of patience as we work together to improve your parenting dynamic, reduce stress and tension, and hopefully avoid continuing trips to the Probate and Family Court.

To schedule a meeting or call with us to discuss our services, please call us at (508) 359-4043 or complete the contact form on this website.  We look forward to helping you improve your co-parenting and fostering improved levels of parental support and stability for your children.

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