About Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a child-focused, hybrid process for parents who experience higher-conflict parenting disputes and/or struggle to resolve conflict and communicate with each other. Parenting Coordinators assist parents in the development of an effective framework for co-parenting, with the important goal of minimizing children’s exposure to parental conflict and stress.

Parenting Coordination is a hybrid process incorporating components of various disciplines, including law, mental health, mediation, conflict reduction, education, and case management. It combines assessment, education, case management, conflict management, and at times the parenting coordinator will act as the decision maker.

Most parents strive to be the best parents they can be, but divorce and separation may make this goal difficult. Parenting coordination helps parents who are unable or unwilling to cooperate with each other, follow parenting plans and orders, and protect their children from parenting-related conflict. Use of a PC does not mean that either parent is a “bad” parent – however, sometimes conflicting methods of communication and styles of parenting causes stress and negatively affects children. When parents recognize this dynamic, they can make a positive change by working with a Parenting Coordinator in Massachusetts.

Another benefit of parenting coordination is the minimization of custody and parenting-related court appearances as well as the legal fees associated with ongoing court battles. As a result of parenting coordination, parents benefit from learning to respectfully communicate, consider each other’s views and concerns, and parent their kids, while reducing levels of conflict and stress. Oftentimes, the fees for a parent coordinator and divided between the parents.

Children flourish when their parents have a better relationship marked by cooperation instead of conflict. Working with a parenting coordinator can improve the family dynamic and reduce the amount of conflict experienced by you and your children. Please contact us for more information through our contact form or by telephone, at (508) 359-4043.

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