Stephen F. McDonough

Collaborative Attorney, Mediator, & Parenting Coordinator

Attorney and Mediator Stephen McDonough is the founder of Next Phase Legal and works closely with clients facing divorce and other family conflict.

Thanks for visiting our site, Parenting Coordination is a service of Next Phase Legal & Dispute Resolution LLC (NPL), a law and dispute resolution firm that emphasizes the resolution of family conflict without resorting to litigation.

I am the founder of the firm, and an experienced Massachusetts divorce and family attorney as well as a mediator. I am also a Parenting Coordinator, meeting all of the new requirements for PCs in Massachusetts, as set forth in the Probate and Family Court’s Standing Order 1-17. My years of working with families both inside and outside the courtroom have left me with no doubt that when parents are able to adopt a more collaborative approach to parenting and managing family conflict, families are better off.

This approach to resolving conflict may come naturally to some parents, yet it may be difficult for others. However, for all parents experiencing conflict, it is well-worth their consideration to use the services of a parenting coordinator.

I completed my initial PC training coursework at the William James College Center of Excellence for Children, Families, and the Law in Newton, Massachusetts. I have attended numerous continuing education classes related to parenting coordination and recently completed an Advanced Parenting Coordination Course also through William James College. Much of my training was completed by Dr. Robin Deutsch, Ph.D., a well-respected national expert in family dynamics and parenting coordination.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services, and how we may be able to help reduce the amount of parenting conflict surrounding you and your children.

All Parenting Coordination services are provided by Next Phase Legal and Dispute Resolution LLC. is not a separate business entity or organization.

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