Parenting Coordination FAQs

How do parents select a parenting coordinator?

Parents may agree on the selection of the PC. For parents who have worked with a Massachusetts divorce lawyer or a mediator, parents may want to obtain recommendations from these professionals (some PCs are also family attorneys and/or mediators). When parents are not able to agree on the parenting coordinator, the court will appoint a PC from a list of qualified individuals.

Parents should schedule a consultation with a PC before deciding to hire someone. Initial consultations are frequently conducted in person, but may be completed by video-conference call or telephone based upon locations of the parties and other factors. If the court selects the PC from the available list of approved Massachusetts Parenting Coordinators, the parents will lose the ability to be involved in the selection of their PC.

Can the parenting coordinator make decisions when parents cannot agree?

Usually, yes. The PC’s responsibilities will be set forth

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