Parenting Coordination clients will benefit from using Our Family Wizard, an affordable and well-established web-based communication and parenting tool designed to help parents better navigate the challenges of shared parenting.

Our Family Wizard (OFW) provides a neutral space for communications that allows for involvement with your Parenting Coordinator, as well as:

  • Helpful calendar and scheduling features.
  • Messaging – confirm sent and viewed times, including the “tone-meter” that functions as an emotional spell check.
  • Information Bank – Upload the children’s important medical and school records, clothing sizes, contacts, etc.
  • Expenses – Upload receipts and approve shared expenses; use OFWpay to automate e-payments for expenses.
  • Journal – note your observations and details; can be shared or kept private.

OFW has their own mobile apps, notifications, and report capabilities. Cost for the premium version is just $120.00 per parent per year. Access and use of OFW will be covered in your Parenting Coordination Agreement.

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